Information Technology in Peru

IT Geographics

As the maps below show, secondary and tertiary sector employment in Peru is concentrated in the coastal regions, particularly in the metropolitan Lima area(44). As with many countries, Peruvian settlement has been mainly along the coast. Primary sector employment reaches further east into the country, however it is unlikely that much IT work occurs in those areas. Because of the lack of hardware manufacturing in Peru, it is safe to assume that any IT work which takes place in Peru is in the secondary and tertiary sectors.

Percentage of Workers in the Secondary Sector

Percentage of Workers in the Tertiary Sector

Unfortunately, little information is available on the IT geographics of Peru. Research discovered no high-tech technopolis or particular IT incubators or research & development parks. In a general sense, the greater Lima area could be considered the high-tech technopolis due to the sheer concentration of businesses (of all types) there, but this was due much less to planning than to a history of settlement in the area.

Last update: December 19, 2000 by Jeffrey S. Bernstein.