Information Technology in Peru

About the Author

Jeffrey S. Bernstein is a graduate student at American University in Washington, DC. He is currently pursuing two degrees. In January 2001, he will receive a Master of Arts in International Communication from the School of International Service as well as a Master of Business Administration from the Kogod School of Business. Mr. Bernstein is also currently serving as one of the Co-Chairs of the International Communication Student Forum, the organization for students in the International Communication program at the School of International Service. In addition, he is the student liaison to the Executive Board of the Capitol Telecommunications Professionals, an association of telecommuniations industry professionals in the Washington metropolitan area.

Mr. Bernstein's primary research interest is in the introduction of telecommunications technologies into developing nations and the effects of such technologies on democratic and civil society participation. In pursuit of this research, he is writing a research paper on this issue, focused on Peru, as a major component of his International Communication degree. Similarly, his interest in technology in Peru led to the choice of that country as the focal state for his project in his Impacts of National Information Technology Environments on Business course at the Kogod School of Business.

More information about Mr. Bernstein can be found at his web page ( He can be reached via email at [email protected]m.

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